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The demand for well-trained and socialized service dogs in Colorado is very high and growing. Our goal is to meet the needs of more Coloradans with severe, life-changing disabilities by matching them with highly-skilled assistance dogs.

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Becoming a fully trained and happy service dog demands a fun and rewarding puppy-hood. The fun and rewards are not just for the puppies, though!

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Come meet the dogs and staff members Canine Partners of the Rockies.

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“Some people won’t approach me because I’m in a wheelchair. That’s why I never mind when people ask if they can pet Kokomo because it provides an opportunity to break the ice. CaPR is building a bridge so that people aren’t uncomfortable around people with disabilities.”

Canine Partners Blog

Father & Son Genetics?

Mason and his son, Quimby caught in the same position, trying to stay cool on a warm summer day.  Could this be genetics?  They are both very handsome boys and we know that IS genetic.  Keep up the good work boys – we are eager to see you as full service dogs someday soon.

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Pete Goes to South Dakota

Service Dog In-Training, Pete, went on a summer vacation with his puppy raisers.  Pete visited Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.  What a handsome boy, he needs his face on Mount Rushmore.

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New Puppy for CaPR

 Meet a new member of Canine Partner’s family.  Quimby, named after a town outside of Thorton, arrived on an airplane in March 2015 at 8 weeks old.  Quimby is an offspring of our very own puppy-in-training Mason.  He learned to sit on command by 9 week old.  He even went to the door to indicate he […]

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