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Raise a puppy, change a life

Raise a Puppy, Change a Life

Becoming a fully trained and happy service dog demands a fun and rewarding puppy-hood. The fun and rewards are not just for the puppies, though! Volunteer Puppy Raisers train basic commands and manners to our young puppies until they are ready for the next step in the journey to full service dogs, around eighteen months.

As a future service dog, the puppy is allowed to go anywhere with the Puppy Raiser, giving the puppy experience in a variety of social contexts. Bring your puppy with you to the movies or the store! Curious dog-lovers will greet you with smiles and questions. Also, puppy and Raiser will get to attend weekly obedience classes, with resident dog experts giving the latest advice and knowledge on how to raise a great dog. And because CaPR is a non-profit organization, puppy raising expenses are tax deductible.

CLICK HERE or Call 303-364-9040 to learn more.

Bow Ties & Tails event

Colorado Gives Day Was Great!

As always, a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated on Colorado Gives Day this year. There was a great turnout and a lot of worthy non-profits benefitted from the generosity. Let's keep this momentum going into and beyond 2015!


THANK YOU, as always, for your support and have a happy and safe New Year!

Canine Partners of the Rockies' mission is to positively impact the lives of Colorado residents with disabilities by placing highly skilled service dogs with individuals who have mobility limiting conditions and facility dogs with professionals who provide therapeutic services to people with disabilities. CaPR also is dedicated to educating the public about the role assistance dogs play in the lives of people with disabilities.


Canine Partners of the Rockies only places assistance dogs with Colorado residents.


Canine Partners of the Rockies (CaPR) places service and skilled companion with Colorado residents with mobility limiting disabilities. A service dog assists with the tasks of daily living to facilitate its partner's independence. Facility dogs are placed with professionals who offer therapeutic intervention to people with a variety of disabilities. Both types of assistance dogs offer social support, but they are more than companions; they are partners in life. Apply now for a Canine Partners service dog!

Canine Partners changes lives one assistance dog at a time, but it takes a team of caring, devoted people to take a dog from puppyhood to assistance dog. Join the team by becoming a volunteer Puppy Raiser for Canine Partners of the Rockies. Apply now to become a Canine Partners puppy raiser.

Want more information? Please call 303-364-9040 or email CaPR.


Want to Change a Life?…Raise a Puppy!

Canine Partners of the Rockies (CaPR) is looking for two energetic volunteers to raise puppies to become service dogs for Coloradan’s with mobility challenges.

The basic requirements for puppy raisers include physically, emotionally and financially caring for the puppy for approximately 18 months and attending weekly puppy training classes at our facility in Aurora. A service dog can mean the difference between dependence and independence for a person with a disability.

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The Shelldikay Fund

Providing Financial Assistance for extraordinary veterinary expenses

Shelldikay Fund

Since its inception in early July 2013, The Shelldikay Fund has grown to over $10,000. A big thank you goes out to all individual donors and the Denver Team at Veterinary Pet Insurance Company for their very generous donations.

There could be no greater way to honor Shelli than to create and grow this fund to help these special dogs and their people.

CLICK HERE for more information.