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Rosalie is an 18-month old black lab that came to CaPR from Canada. Raised by puppy raiser veterans, Mina and Jack in Fort Collins. Rosie is the daughter of their previous puppy-in-training, Mason. Her two brothers, Reudi and Quimby are also being raised by CaPR volunteers.

Mina and Jack can’t say enough great things about dear Rosie. She is so bright and eager to please, it makes training a delight.  She is also very gentle and sensitive to their 3-year-old great granddaughter and will obey her cues, especially “fetch”.

Rosie is very friendly and her tail wags so freely that it ends up wagging her entire body making her a little wiggle queen! She loves to go places, particularly where there are other dogs.. Rosie just wants to greet everyone but has been working very hard at not being easily distracted. When she’s not napping at her puppy raisers’ feet, she is running around the big backyard trying to ignore (not always successfully) the tormenting squirrels.

When Rosie was a little puppy, she used to play “keep away” from her puppy raisers. Now she knows how much fun it is to catch the ball and bring it back to them! She has learned some of the skills she will need to do when she becomes a service dog. The possibilities for this smart girl are truly endless.

As an update on Rosie, we are excited to say that she will be having some puppies of her own to carry on the family line of such amazing and talented CaPR dogs! We know that she will make a good mother to a whole new generation of service dogs.