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My name is Mason. I’m a 17-month-old Black Lab named after Joseph Mason, Fort Collins’ first settler. I’m currently living with Mina and Jack who are training me to be a service dog for a disabled person in Colorado. I guess I have pretty good genes because I was asked to breed with two other Black Labs: Banff from Canada and Adelaide from South Australia. If everything goes according to plan, several of my pups will be coming to Colorado to be trained as service dogs under the guidance of Canine Partners. I assume that they will have dual citizenship. I really like people, especially children.

My puppy raisers are real good about taking me to visit a variety of places like CSU volleyball games, college classes, riding the bus, shopping at the mall, grocery stores (it smells so good there) and to restaurants. I’m getting pretty good about not eating food that has been dropped on the floor. One of the highlights for me is going to puppy class every Saturday where I learn not only the tasks I will be expected to perform to assist a disabled person, but also to see my friends who are also being trained to be service dogs. Oh yes, when I do something especially well, Angela, the Director of Canine Partners, will give me a treat!