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Lincoln Means New-found Freedom

Lincoln-Josh-3Thanks to Jeff, Susan, Mary and Henry, Marsha, Jim and Deede, Joshua has a wonderful service dog from Canine Partners of the Rockies.

Joshua credits his first service dog “Rico” from Canine Partners of the Rockies with keeping him alive.  Josh’s vertebra was shattered when his car rolled over.

In that moment he went from being an able-bodied 20 year-old man, to living without the use of his arms and legs. His service dog helped Josh make the transition.

Then, close to retirement, Rico died.  Josh’s life changed dramatically again.  Without his service dog, he was unable to leave his apartment – he couldn’t close his door.

Lincoln-Josh-4When he dropped his cell phone, his communication to the world was cut off, because he no longer had a dog to retrieve it for him.

His new service dog, “Lincoln” means new-found freedom for Josh. He goes out now without feeling helpless or being isolated.  Lincoln even helps him meet new people.

Josh is able to look forward now.  He hopes to move to Denver and find a new job, which is possible now with Lincoln by his side.

Our goal is to raise $14,000 by April 30th to train two more service dogs for special people. Every gift helps Canine Partners of the Rockies’ service dogs improve lives.  

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Angela Eaton,
Executive Director

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