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Lemon the facility service dog

Lemon at work readiing“Lemon”, from Canine Partners of the Rockies, is achieving her goals as a facility service dog, thanks to Adele, Judi, Sheila and John, Dale, Peri, Steve, and you!

Lemon’s temperament is very sweet. Her professional, Kris, creates physical therapy programs with Lemon for people in nursing homes and those with Parkinson’s disease.

Lemon also works with children in the Adaptive Recreation for Childhood Health (ARCH). She rides the bus with the kids, encourages them onto the chairlift and cheers them on as they ski down the mountain.

Lemon uses her talents with cognitively challenged kindergarten children at Heatherwood Elementary School. She opens the file drawers to get their books. The children cue Lemon to sit or lie down on their favorite colored spots while they read.

In math, the children throw a big dice for Lemon to “get”. They write the numbers of the dots that appear when she “drops” it, then writes and adds or subtracts them on the blackboard.

Our goal is to raise $14,000 by April 30th to train two more service dogs for special people. Every gift helps Canine Partners of the Rockies’ service dogs improve lives.  

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It’s with deep gratitude that I thank you for your support.

Angela Eaton,
Executive Director, Canine Partners of the Rockies

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