651 Potomac Street, Suite E Aurora, CO 80011  303-364-9040

King Soopers Cards

Donate to Canine Partners by purchasing your groceries at King Soopers or City Market!
Canine Partners sells King Soopers Gift Cards to raise funds.

The gift cards can be used for all grocery, pharmacy, and even gas purchases! The cost of a CaPR King Soopers Gift Card is exactly the face value of the card (for example, you’ll pay exactly $5 for a $5 gift card) and each time you use the card, CaPR will receive 5% of the amount spent. Even better, when the card is used up, it can be reloaded and Canine Partners will continue to earn 5% on every transaction.

Why spend hours searching for the right birthday, anniversary, thank you, or holiday gift? Purchase a King Soopers gift card from Canine Partners of the Rockies and your gift extends not only to your friends and family, but to CaPR!  CaPR’s King Soopers Gift Cards are the perfect gift for everyone…including yourself! Treat a new mom or a new neighbor, include one in a college care package, give them to your sanitation collectors and mail carriers for the holidays. You’ll also enjoy using them for your own shopping, knowing that you’ll be helping CaPR with every transaction.

To purchase a CaPR King Soopers Gift Card, please send your check and King Soopers card requests to:

Canine Partners of the Rockies
651 Potomac St, Suite E
Aurora, CO 80011

Please include:

  1. a check (i.e. $5)
  2. a note with the number of cards
  3. the preferred way to receive cards (i.e. pick up at CaPR or have them mailed – please include your mailing address)

If you have any questions, please call Canine Partners at 303-364-9040 or email us at info@caninepartnersoftherockies.org.