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CaPR’s Partners

Shon + Ivy 12-13-2014

Darryl Williams

Darryl is one of a number of mobility-impaired heroes determined to lead a fulfilling life. That determination led Darryl to Canine Partners of the Rockies and his specially trained service-dog, Rio.

Darryl and “Rio” developed an inseparable bond that enabled Darryl to venture out in the world rather than remain homebound and isolated. Rio performed important tasks you and I take for granted, like pressing the button for handicap-access doors.

Darryl’s social life also changed dramatically. Rio’s friendly nature attracted passersby who engaged Darryl in conversation, helping Darryl feel more connected with the people around him. At home, “Rio” assisted Darryl with tasks such as laundry. Most importantly, Rio offered Darryl constant companionship and unconditional love.

Now that Rio’s retired, CaPR is busy training a successor to further Darryl’s dreams.  His journey is just one of many stories about our specially trained service-dogs offering greater independence and fulfillment for mobility-impaired Coloradans.

To help Darryl and so many others fulfill dreams of greater independence, CaPR requires $225,000 to provide canine service-training in 2015. The cost of raising and training just one highly specialized service dog is $25,000.  CaPR’s goal for 2015 is to train and place 6 more dogs. To accomplish that mission we need to raise $149,000 this year.


Justin’s story

When he was a teenager, Justin was in an automobile accident and became a quadriplegic.

After the accident, Justin felt isolated and alone, even in public, since most people are nervous about striking up a conversation with someone in a wheel chair.

When Justin came to Colorado Canine Partners of the Rockies (CaPR), we matched him with Rocky, a wonderful black Lab service dog. As Justin’s constant companion, Rocky provided invaluable assistance. He retrieved things, turned on lights, opened doors and went to work with Justin, who is now an engineer.

Out in public, Rocky was an icebreaker. People felt comfortable starting up a conversation with Justin about his well-behaved service dog. The conversation continued with the same friendly topics people generally discuss with others in parks, restaurants and stores.

Rocky transformed Justin’s life. He helped him become more independent at home and more social outside his home.

CaPR spends two years training service dogs like Rocky. Using only positive techniques, volunteer puppy raisers train basic skills for eighteen months. A professional trainer spends another six months training CaPR dogs advanced skills specific to their future partner.

Unfortunately, Rocky died of cancer. If Justin decides to invite a second CaPR service dog into his life, we want to be prepared to provide him with a dog trained to meet his specific needs.

Ike and his kids

Ike & DCIS at Fairmont

At DCIS at Fairmont, the neighborhood, the region and the globe come together to create a context for the study of art, languages, social studies, mathematics and science that opens minds, spurs curiosity, creates cultural awareness, encourages communication and inspires leadership and action.

Our goal is to broaden opportunities for our students by broadening their horizons. We want to create a place where children can grow academically and culturally, a place that prepares them to excel in middle school, high school and college, and a place that will empower them to be active citizens, engaged in their communities and the world.


Jack & RMAC

Rocky Mountain Autism Center, Inc. (RMAC) is a state-of-the-art facility for families and individuals affected by the complex issues surrounding autism spectrum disorders. We strive to help families who are concerned about their loved ones with ASD to understand and learn from each other, develop relationships, and improve their quality of life. “Making a Difference” is our mission.