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Canine Partners’ 2017 Fall Appeal

In addition to celebrating our 15th year anniversary, Canine Partners of the Rockies (CaPR) has had a banner year, thanks to people like you!

Five service dogs graduated with their partners in June. Following a minimum of 20 months training for each dog, every person who receives a dog completes over 160 hours of training as well. Support from Canine Partners continues throughout each canine graduate’s lifetime.

Josh is paralyzed from the neck down. His service dog Levi is changing Josh’s life every day in ways that make a BIG difference: opening and close doors and drawers, turning on and off lights, retrieving thinks and helping Josh engage with others.

Canine Partners has been collaborating with students from the Executive MBA program at the University of Denver.  They chose CaPR for their Social Impact Project to develop a plan for growth and expansion to train more service dogs so we can reach more people in Colorado.

The number of people requesting support from service dogs in Colorado continues to increase each year. To help meet the needs, we are expanding our training programs for beginning and advanced trainers, recruiting qualified puppy raisers, expanding our work with our client partners to ensure the right service dog match, and the list goes on!

This year our list of people waiting for service dogs has continued to grow. Funding for our service dog program comes from corporate and foundation grants, fundraising events, and people like you. In fact, over 90% of the funds needed to place highly skilled dogs with people who need them come from individual donations.

Your support enables Canine Partners to help people live more independently with the assistance from our dogs.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more supports the dog program and all that goes into it – the dog food, training equipment, classes, training, and the overall program to ensure the dogs are safe, well-trained and well-matched.  Every gift makes a difference and changes a life.


Angela Eaton

Executive Director

P.S. Please join us for a puppy training class to discover how we teach these wonderful dogs.  To reserve a space please contact me at 303-364-9040.

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