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Apply for a Dog

Overview: Applying for an Assistance Dog

Canine Partners of the Rockies only provides assistance dogs to Colorado residents. Service dogs are provided to people with mobility limiting conditions. Facility dogs are provided to individuals who work with people with disabilities. Our goal is to match assistance dog candidates with the best dog for their unique situation and needs and train the candidate how to best manage and use his or her dog.

The multi-step application process lasts several months.  When an applicant is accepted as an assistance dog candidate, his or her application is kept on file until a suitable canine partner is available.

When a suitable canine partner is available, the candidate pays a placement fee and Partnership Training begins. Partnership Training is designed to give the candidate the necessary skills and knowledge to handle and care for an assistance dog. Partnership Training lasts approximately 2 weeks.

Candidates are evaluated at the end of Partnership Training to determine if they can safely handle and care for their assistance dog partner.  Only those candidates demonstrating competence become clients.

Service dog partnerships are evaluated on a monthly basis for the first year and less frequently over the life of the partnership. Facility dog partnerships are evaluated less frequently. Follow up support is provided as needed.

The Application Process

All applicants have the right to be considered for an assistance dog without regard to race, color, creed, gender, religion, age and any other category protected by federal law, Colorado state law or local laws. An application can be denied and the application process terminated at any time for other reasons.

The multi-step application process takes several months.  All applicants are notified on a timely basis at each juncture of the application process.
The steps in the application process are:

Step 1: Pre-Application. Applicant completes and submits a Pre-Application.

Step 2: Telephone Interview.  After receiving the Pre-Application, a staff member contacts the applicant to conduct a telephone interview.

Step 3: Application Packet.  An application packet is sent to the applicant.

Step 4: Complete Application Received. CaPR receives and reviews the complete application, including supporting documents.

Step 5: In Person Interview. The applicant is invited to an in person interview which is conducted at the CaPR office and training center in Aurora, Colorado.

Step 6: Home Interview/Inspection. A home interview/inspection is conducted. In the case of a facility dog an inspection of the work environment also is conducted.

Step 7: Application Review. A review of all application materials is conducted and a determination is made whether to accept the applicant as a service dog or facility dog candidate. The applicant is advised and accepted candidates’ application materials are kept on file until a suitable canine partner is available.